An app to locate your dialect region on a map of England


This app has been developed by researchers at University of Sheffield to help people explore the English dialects of England.

The app allows people to explore the map and view their region’s accent from a variety of angles, like viewing your home town from above, comparing it to others in your area, or seeing how far that accent stretches in other parts of England.

One use case for this app is for users who are moving away from their home town, but want to keep their accent with them.

People often speak in the dialect they were born into, so it can be hard to identify their region on a map of England. A new app called ‘Dialect Finder’ has been created that helps identify where people are from via their speech.

The app uses a neural network to compare the first sound of words from 100 million sentences from 478 British English speaking regions and to identify which region the user is from. The app is designed for English speakers who know the name of their region but not its location and for people who know the name of their town but not its location.

In order to find out your dialect region, all you have to do is say “My hometown is at” followed by six words or fewer, beginning with an “a”. For example, if your hometown was Leeds, you would say “My hometown is at Leeds.”

We all say ‘”Good morning!” with a Midlands accent, or “Have you seen my keys?” with a cockney twang. But why are accents so regional in England?

In many cases, people speak the same language but have different accents. For example, there is no English word for “a car key.” The word for it is “scalp lock.” However, this changes when you speak the Southern dialect of English because the words for “a car key” and “scalp lock” are similar and sound similar to southerners’ ears.

The app is created by the University of Birmingham, and it offers a range of information on English dialects. You may type any word to see how many times it is found in each place.

The map shows the different regions in England and highlights which have the most speakers for each dialect. For example, the London region has more speakers for Cockney than from any other region in England.

The app also allows you to understand what kind of accent you have and find out where your accent would be from if you were born elsewhere.

Geography is an important part of identity. Knowing where you come from allows you to grow and learn about yourself.

This app provides all the maps for each region with their local dialect, pronunciation and translation. It also shows the location of all these dialects from different regions within England so those interested can discover which one they speak.

It also provides a list of words that explain what each region is famous for so that users can better understand where they live.

The dialect map is a website that allows you to choose the region of which your dialect is from. It’s based on the linguistic research of Professors Stephen Bax and Paul Kerswill, who did an extensive study on the regional dialects found in England.

The website provides a search bar where you can choose your region and see some related words. For example, if I want to know what words are associated with Oxfordshire, I can type “Oxford” into the search bar and see all related words such as “ox”, “brass”, and “oxter”.