English Dialects – Explore your English Dialect

What do you call a...

Based on your answers to 26 dialect questions, our app will broadly guess which part of England you’re most likely from. It’s fun – try it out!

Some features that make our app awesome

  • Dialect guessing

    How do you pronounce…? Tell us and we’ll tell you where you’re from! If we’re wrong, the dialect of your home has probably changed over time. Discover dialect change!

  • Record & listen

    Record your own dialect and listen to contemporary recordings of other users as well as historical recordings from decades ago.

  • How? Where?

    Pick a word and find out where in England it is used, according to a historical survey. Or, pick a place and explore its dialect.

  • Feedback

    Give us feedback on the app to make it better! Reach us at info@englishdialectapp.com

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